Are you being audited?

$1,375 Flat Fee Representation

(Individuals & Businesses)

What is included for $1,375?

Your flat fee includes all of the following tax audit options:

1. Tax audit assistance;

2. Tax audit representation;

3. IRS & State tax audit defense;

4. Tax audit services for individuals; and,

5. Tax audit assistance for businesses.

If you have delinquent returns, there will be an additional charge per year, per return.

Due to COVID, all tax audit cases can now be handled remotely (via Zoom, telephone, email, online chat), or you are welcome to come to the office for your consultation.

Request Your Free Consultation

We are open during the COVID pandemic. Our tax professionals work with you over the phone and online.


We analyze your tax issues.


We identify the problem(s) and develop a plan of action with the best available options to protect you.


We represent you at all taxing agency meetings so that you don't have to attend.


We discuss the findings and next steps, then close the case once it's resolved.


- Resolve Tax Problems

- File Back Taxes

- Offer In Compromise

- IRS Levy Release

- Amend Tax Returns


- Penalty Abatement

- Stop Wage Garnishments

- Economic Hardships

- Tax Audit Defense

- Settle Back Taxes

- Bank Levy Release

- Innocent Spouse Relief

- Installment Agreements

- 940 & 941 Filings

- Trust Fund Recovery Penalties

History of Silva Tax Law Group
Who We Are

Silva Tax Law Group is a full-service tax and accounting firm, specializing in the area of tax debt resolution for individuals, small businesses, LLCs, and corporations. 


Silva Tax Law Group built their 5-Star Google rating by delivering on promises made, rather than billing clients thousands of dollars and never delivering on hollow guarantees, like the ones you constantly hear on TV and the radio.


We promise that if you're not satisfied with the resolution we get you and that you are legally qualified for, we will give you your money back. Why? Because if you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied.

Silva Tax Law Group was founded by Enrolled Agent Tony Silva. Prior to forming Silva Tax Law Group, Tony served as a Controller for nine years in various industries, then served as a CFO in the finance industry where his main focus was on private equity and complex tax analysis. 


After leaving Corporate America, Tony joined the IRS as a Revenue Officer where he mastered his tax skills and gained an in-depth working knowledge of the nuances associated with the IRS's collection process. After realizing how the IRS took advantage of individuals during the tax collection process, Tony made it his goal to open a firm as an enrolled agent where the primary focus would to be to offer cost-effective tax debt resolution options to a range of clients.

Silva Tax Law Group current employs five tax and accounting consultants, and is creating plans to expand nationwide.




355 Third Ave, Suite 106

Chula Vista, CA 91910

Due to COVID-19, all consultations can be held remotely.

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