Small Business Audit Insurance

What is Small Business Audit Insurance?

Small Business Audit Insurance protects your business and tax returns against scrutiny from the Internal Revenue Service and State taxing agencies. How it works is simple. When you receive an audit notice from the IRS and/or your State, you immediately notify Silva Tax Group and provide us with a copy of that notice. At that moment, Silva Tax Group steps in to represent and defend you before the IRS and/or the State, saving you thousands of dollars in audit representation fees. You insure your vehicles against loss. Why not insure your tax returns against audits?​

Are there additional fees if I’m audited?

No! As long as you have an active policy with Silva Tax Group, your only out-of-pocket expense is the $9 per month policy fee.  Of course, if you have additional taxes, penalties, and interest due as a result of the audit findings, those will be your responsibility. ​

What all is included with my $9.00 monthly premium?

Silva Tax Group will:

- Defend both state and federal income tax returns.

- Professionally and promptly address tax notices that you receive and report to us.

- Explain your options and develop a strategy.

- Communicate with you and taxing agencies in a timely manner.

- Defend your business tax return through the entire audit process.

- Schedule and attend all audit appointments on your behalf.

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