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$11/mo Audit Defense Protection Plan

The time to prepare for an audit is now!

The IRS Commissioner just stated today: "Our aim with our new budget is to focus our 2023 - 2025 auditing efforts on taxpayers that report income in the range of $50,000 - $400,000."

Now that's terrible news!!!

The takeaway for all taxpayers: it's not if you'll be audited, but when. Since you are a current or past client, I wanted to pass this information along to you. And although there is no way for us to stop an audit before it begins, Silva Tax Group can make the audit process less of a financial burden on you. How do we do that? With our Audit Protection Plan.


For $11/mo, you buy a protection plan with Silva Tax Group that covers our audit fees when you are audited. Since most audit fees start at $2,500, you stand to save thousands in audit fees with our Audit Protection Plan.

Audit Defense Protection means that Silva Tax Group will represent you through the completion of any income tax audit for any years that come under audit during the time of your active membership. Audit notification must be received during the Period of Membership. The Audit Defense Plan is also subject to the limitations and exclusions listed in the Audit Protection Agreement.

Audit Defense includes:

a. Handling all communications, including letters and/or telephone calls with the IRS or State regarding the audit.
b. Assigning a Silva Tax Group Audit Representative to manage your case.
c. Developing a strategy with you and then meeting or corresponding with the IRS or State on your behalf.
d. Negotiating with the IRS or State through Appeals and pre-litigation Appeals review prior to trial in Tax Court.
e. No settlement will be reached with the IRS or State without your final approval and consent.

If you are currently under audit, then your audit protection plan will not cover that audit. Please contact us at 619-477-4357 to discuss active audits.

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